How do I?

Make an Appointment?

If you need to see a doctor please ring the surgery on 01303 851241. Remember to give the receptionist as much information as possible about your condition as this will help to process your request more quickly and efficiently. In addition the practice offers online consultations via our practice website using a system called E-consult. Following patient feedback from 12th November 2023 the practice will be changing the times that E-consults are available . From this date patients will be able to access E-consults from 18:30 in the evening every Sunday-Thursday (except Bank Holidays)

Although you are registered with a specific doctor it might not always be possible to see your own doctor as soon as you would like. All the doctors in the partnership provide cover for each other when one of them is away on holiday, sick leave, half day, study leave or other business. We would prefer you to see your own doctor and although every effort will be made to achieve this it will not always be possible. However, all our doctors are highly qualified and experienced and will have all the information concerning your current and past medical history available to them including all relevant correspondence from hospital consultants.

Arrive for Appointment?

When you arrive at the surgery for an appointment either book in using our patient self check-in system (the computer screen in the right hand corner on the reception desk) or please report to the receptionist on duty at the desk in the waiting room.

Online Access to Patient Services

All online services offered by the practice are available via the NHS App. If you do not already have the App then please click this link NHS App and your NHS account – NHS ( which explains how to get the app and what services are available.

 What are the advantages?

 It’s convenient; you can use it even when the practice is closed.

    • Saves you time making telephone calls
    • It’s fast and direct as the information goes straight to the practice’s computer system
    • Its secure and there is an audit trail of all activity
    • You can easily check information about your current appointments and medication
    • It will free up the telephone system for other patients

Please click here to view Sandgate Road Surgery Patient Registration Form

Receive Healthcare away from Home?

You should keep your NHS medical card with you when you travel so that you can quote your NHS number. If you need medical advice in the UK you can apply to any NHS GP for services as a “temporary resident”. As long as you supply your doctor’s name and address all your records should return to us.

Change Personal Details?

If you move house please inform us of your new address and telephone number immediately so that we can update your records. If an emergency arises concerning your health or the health of your family, not being able to contact or find you quickly could result in serious consequences. If you move outside the practice area you will have to leave this practice and register with a practice closer to where you live.