Routine visit requests must be made by 11 o’clock in the morning, as only urgent visit requests will be dealt with after that time. If you ring to request a routine visit after 11:00am you might be asked to ring back the next morning.

The receptionist can only take requests for visits; a doctor will then process the request to determine the best course of action. Several patients can be seen at the surgery in the time it takes to do 1 visit, so the doctor can only visit if there is a medical reason why a patient cannot come to the surgery. In order to maintain the efficiency of the service, home visits will only be made if other avenues of care are medically undesirable.

If a doctor decides a routine visit is needed they will do this sometime between the end of their morning surgery 1.00pm and the start of their evening 4.00pm. However, there will be times when they are so busy that they might not be able to visit until after 6.30pm.

If you have been told that the doctor will visit and they have not arrived by 3.30pm you should phone the surgery to check when they are likely to call.

When requesting a visit please provide the receptionist with as much information as possible so that the doctor can assess the degree of urgency. Also, check we have a current contact telephone number for you and any special directions the doctor might need in order to find your address.


The surgery has a ramp to the entrance on the ground floor. Consulting rooms are on the ground and first floors. Access to the first floor is via stairs or a lift, please ask our receptionists if you have not used the lift before. The surgery has toilet facilities for the disabled on the ground floor near the reception area. Any patient needing assistance gaining access to any part of the surgery can rely on our staff who are happy to help you.

Telephone Consultations

If you have been told that the doctor will ring you, he/she will make every effort to do this the same day. If you have not been contacted by 3.30pm please ring the surgery to confirm that the doctor has received the request to phone you and if there is any indication as to when this might be.

Repeat Prescriptions

Current System

  •  Order your prescription by ticking the item(s) you require on the repeat slip you receive each time you have a prescription and submit this to the surgery.
  • For new or past items, not listed on the repeat slip, please use the prescription request slip available from reception. Your doctor will then decide whether or not to issue the medication you have requested. Your doctor might wish to see you or speak to you before authorising any new or past medication.
  • You must allow three full working days for the surgery to process your request.  For example, prescription requests received by 2 pm Thursday will be ready by 2 pm the following Tuesday.  Requests received by the surgery at 2 pm Friday will be ready the following Wednesday
  • You can collect your prescription from the surgery. However, many of the local pharmacies collect prescriptions from the surgery and, if you inform us which pharmacy you would prefer to pick up your medication from, we will record your preference on our computer system for future reference. However, it would be helpful if, each time you submit a request, you make you preference clear by writing on the repeat prescription slip where you wish to collect your prescription from.
  • For patients who are housebound, most pharmacies provide a delivery service. If you wish to take advantage of the delivery service you must write the name of the pharmacy and the “deliver” clearly on your repeat prescription request slip.
  • Please note we do not accept prescriptions requests over the telephone. Medication requests are only accepted in writing. This is for your safety.

Batch Prescribing

Batch prescribing allows your doctor to issue up to 12 monthly prescriptions that will be retained by Lloyds Pharmacy next door to the surgery. Each month you simply collect your prescription from the pharmacy without having to submit a repeat slip to the surgery.

This system is not suitable for all patients on repeat medication especially those whose medication is for short-term problems or those whose medication changes frequently. However, some patients are on regular medication that they are likely to be taking unaltered for a long time. If your doctor feels you are suitable for the batch prescribing system he/she will advise you.

Practice Nurse Services

Sandgate Road Surgery employs a team of highly qualified and experienced nurses including specialist nurses in diabetes and asthma.

The nurses will be pleased to give you advice on most matters concerning your health and can often save an unnecessary appointment with the Doctor by dealing with minor illnesses. The Practice Nurses also hold a variety of Health Promotion Clinics as follows:

New Patient Registration Medical Checks

All new patients if they request it will be offered an appointment with one of our nurses. This involves a basic health check that allows us to ensure our records are accurate concerning your medical history. If referrals to other health professionals are necessary the nurse will arrange these.

Please complete the form provided and bring all your current medication and a urine sample with you.

Well Women

Includes cervical screening and a general discussion on all aspects of women’s health including lifestyle.

Well Man

A general lifestyle check including blood pressure monitoring, lung function test and advice on diet, exercise and other male health issues.

Healthy Heart

Detects risk factors associated with coronary heart disease and stroke. Includes blood pressure monitoring and lifestyle information.


For patients with all types of diabetes. Regular monitoring includes appropriate blood and urine testing and helps with reducing/managing problem areas.  An online tool for patients with Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes has just been made available.  Please cut and paste this link to access it :

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Advice and information offered on matters relating to the Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy. (6 monthly checks are advised)

Asthma and Respiratory Problems

For the monitoring of patients who are asthmatic and to ensure optimum control of their asthma. To aid in teaching and educating newly diagnosed asthmatics and their families.

Chronic Respiratory Problems

For the monitoring of patients with chronic respiratory problems and to ensure optimum control of their condition. To aid in teaching and educating newly diagnosed patients and their families.

Contraceptive Care

Includes comprehensive care and education regarding most types of contraception and sexual health and regular 6 monthly checks for patients on oral or injection contraception.

Baby and Child Immunisation Service

For babies and pre-school children. This service is provided jointly with our Health Visitors.

Please see link for information about child immunisation during Covid-19 Covid-19 Immunisations FAQs_FINAL

Other Services

Some of our doctors have special interests and have obtained the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to allow them to provide certain services that are not available on the NHS.

Other Private Medical Services

Adoption & Fostering Medicals
DVLA Medicals upon request of DVLA

Please note that there will be a charge for all non-NHS services including some travel vaccinations. All fees must be paid in advance of the service being provided. For information about private services and fees please speak to one of our receptionists.